The El Toreador years

Originally named El Toreador, this restaurant was first opened by Carmen and Gonzalo Garcia in San Francisco in the 1970s. Upon hearing about a need for good Mexican restaurants in the Seattle area; the Garcia family decided to move the El Toreador Restaurant to Seattle, Washington in early 1979. El Toreador quickly became one of Seattle’s favorite Mexican restaurants.

Happiness is a warm tortillaAt the “Tortilla Casita” fresh handmade corn tortillas were served (and still are!) complimentary every evening hot off the grill, filled with butter and a delicious homemade salsa. These tortillas quickly became El Toreador’s claim to fame. It’s been said, over the years:

Happiness is a Warm Tortilla

In 1993, the Garcia family retired and El Toreador was purchased by the present owners, the Sellers family. Although the ownership changed, the commitment to family and quality of food did not. For this reason, the restaurant remains one of Seattle’s best Mexican restaurants today.

Luisa’s inspiration

In 2003, in honor of the founders, Carmen and Gonzalo Garcia, the Sellers decided to rename the restaurant “Luisa’s” after the matriarch of their family. Every member of Luisa’s family restaurant takes great pride in providing hospitable service and the finest Mexican food. All of the entrées are prepared from traditional recipes with top quality ingredients.

We are proud to have you as part of our family and we hope to make your dining experience with us enjoyable.

Muchas Gracias,
Luisa’s Mexican Grill